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These are pages of Michał Bojanowski, a sociologist. Browse the links at the top or tag cloud at the right to explore the site.

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To są strony Michała Bojanowskiego, socjologa. Zapraszam pod linki na górze. Większość materiałów jest w języku angielskim. Strony po polsku opatrzone są tagiem "polski".

Recent posts on Brokering Closure
  • Linear splines with convenient parametrisations (2017-04-10 23:38)
    I have just published a small package lspline on CRAN that implements linear splines using convenient parametrisations such that coefficients are slopes of consecutive segments coefficients capture slope change at consecutive knots Knot locations can be specified manually (with lspline()) at breaks dividing the range of x into q equal-frequency intervals (with qlspline()) at breaks […]
  • Metodologiczne inspiracje 2016 (2016-10-06 11:57)
    English summary: On 2016-09-28 I presented an application of methods of estimating Exponential-family Random Graph Models from ego-centrically sampled data. Conference was in Polish. See the program and my slides for further details. W zeszłym tygodniu (28-30.09.2016) miała miejsce konferencja Metodologiczne Inspiracje 2016. Badania ilościowe w naukach społecznych: wyzwania i problemy organizowana przez Instytut Filozofii […]
  • Studying collaboration networks qualitatively (2016-05-06 12:28)
    As part of the ReCoN project we are currently conducting a series of in-depth interviews with Polish scholars about their collaborations. We decided to go for a board-and-pins technique to build respondent’s collaboration ego-networks on the fly during the interview. Here is one example network (names of alters are hidden): Dominika wrote a short post […]