Coordination in Dynamic Social Networks under Heterogeneity

The project is about situations in which actors, be it individuals or organizations, try to coordinate their decisions with each other. Who tries to coordinate with whom is determined by a social network, which in turn is simultaneously formed by the actors themselves.

The project is financed through the Utrecht University 2004 High Potential grant for the project Dynamics of Cooperation, Networks, and Institutions coordinated by Vincent Buskens and Stephanie Rosenkranz.


Talks related to this project:

  • Coordination in Dynamic Social Networks under Heterogeneity at the 1st ICC Conference on Network Modeling and Economic Systems at ISEG, Lisbon, Portugal (October 9-11, 2008).
  • Simulating Games on Networks with R at the useR! 2008 in Dortmund, Germany (August, 2008).
  • Co-evolution of Networks and Behavior under Heterogeneity at the Sunbelt XXVII conference in Corfu, Greece (May 1-6, 2007).

A movie showing the computer simulation used to study the dynamics and stability of the proposed model. You can download the movie here [QuickTime, 37Mb], or stream it from YouTube below.

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