R is a statistical computing environment and a language for data analysis and graphics. It is a workhorse of my daily work since 2001, more or less. Below are some links to packages and code I developed for R as well as collection of longer or shorter notes related to this beautiful piece of software.


Some of the packages I wrote for R:

intergraph Coercion routines for network data objects in R, currently supports conversion between objects of class network and igraph. Homepage: http://mbojan.github.io/intergraph/
mapoland The package provides functions and data to draw statistical charts on maps of Poland. Hosted on R-Forge at http://mapoland.r-forge.r-project.org.
rgraph6 This package is an interface to graph6 format for efficient storing of undirected graphs as a sequences of printable ASCII characters. Hosted on R-Forge at http://rgraph6.r-forge.r-project.org.
bojan Chaotic collection of functions and datasets possibly useful to others, developed on github


I have created a small private repository of R packages. You can browse it here. Have a look here how to access it directly from R.

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